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I originally designed this as an attempt to resuscitate an old labor slogan that I quite like, because in three simple words it lays out a tried and true basic strategy for changing the world. The initial design, and the versions I have printed, were 3-color overprintings of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, the core colors (with Black) that can be used to compose all other colors (at least within the realm of print). I liked how the bright colors made the hand other-worldly, and not tied to one particular struggle or group of people. I recognize that the world neither is, nor should be (at this point in time), colorblind. So with this downloadable graphic I’ve packaged together three additional versions of the hand in various skin tone shades, as well as the original color separations so that you can make your own.


A hand-drawn, elongated hand holds up three long fingers. Upon each finger is a word: “Agitate; Educate; Organize.” There are four iterations of the image with different color schemes: Yellow and reds; light reddish browns; cool browns and blue; and dark brown and black.

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