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All Cops are Uvalde Cops

We live in a terrorized society, and the only public institution tasked with response to the daily falling apart is a basket of vicious cowards, armed to the teeth and absolutely unwilling to risk their lives for any of us. No mental healthcare, no social welfare; instead we fund these armies of murderous babies to gun us down in the street, and to run for cover when the shit gets too awfully real. Cops are the people we pay to deal with the violence that manifests itself from the poisoned id of this disastrous nation, and we all know now, if we didn’t before, that they do not care if we die. They think they’re the only real people alive on this planet, and it shows.



Two police officers stand in a doorway. One cop looks down at his cellphone with gun in hand. The other heavily armored cop takes hand sanitizer from a dispenser. Blood splatters the floor. The text reads: “ALL COPS ARE UVALDE COPS.”

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