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Justseeds artists in the streets for Palestine

November 26, 2023

Justseeds artists have been producing art in solidarity with the people of Palestine in cities across North America; painting banners, placards, flags for actions and interventions, and silkscreen-printing posters, picket signs and paste-ups for walls and windows and the street. The gallery below is just a small selection of the work that we’ve been making- and it doesn’t include all of the awesome things that we’re seeing people do with the big free high-resolution download packages on our graphics page. Maybe that’s for the next post!

Above: Banners by Sarah Farahat and flags by Entangled Roots Press in Portland, OR. Below: Banners by Sarah Farahat and Roger Peet in Portland, OR.

Above: picket signs by Roger Peet in Portland, OR. Below: Paste-ups by Zola in Montreal

Below: Paste-up by Zola in Montreal and big editions of Children of Gaza by Jesse Purcell in Toronto.

Above: banner by Christeen Francis in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Below: banners by Art Build Workers in Milwaukee using Saiyare Refaei’s designs

Above: Paste-ups by Andrea Narno in New Orleans. Below: Posters and Paste-ups by Monica Trinidad in Chicago.

Above: posters by Monica Trinidad and stencils by Kill Joy in Chicago. Below: Pasteups by Kill Joy and friends in Chicago.

Above and below: Art-builds by Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza in Oakland.

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