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Bo Brown: Rest In Power

This week we lost on of the most open-hearted, honest, hard-working, and hard-loving revolutionaries I’ve ever known. Bo was always available for advice and discussion when I was finding my feet as a 20-something anti-prison activist and abolitionist in the mid-1990s. I made this poster to honor her, please feel free to spread it around, and use it to help her family raise funds for her memorial costs, support for her partner Etang, and continuing the work that Bo dedicated her life to. Send support HERE. Learn more about Bo by watching Julie Perini’s excellent short documentary HERE, or reading Daniel Burton-Rose’s book Guerrilla USA: The George Jackson Brigade and the Anticapitalist Underground of the 1970s.

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Bo Brown: Rest in Power by Josh MacPhee are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For IG, please credit @jmacphee


A portrait of a person with short cropped hair, glasses, and a plaid shirt, rendered in yellows and reds. Text above in block letters states: “BO BROWN, REST IN POWER. REVOLUTIONARY ABOLITIONIST, POLITICAL PRISONER MENTOR & EDUCATOR. GENDER OUTLAW.”

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