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Fuck FEMA & The U.S. Military

AgitArte/Papel Machete

Our friends from AgitArte are presenting at the Facing Race conference this weekend in Detroit, and the site for the conference, the COBO Center, has forced them to remove this poster from display. If it’s causing that kind of reaction, it’s doing what a poster should, so we thought it might be useful to get it into more people’s hands, so print this out and put it up!

From the AgitArte website:

We are being killed by an embargo of aid which is causing death and starvation on our people. We don’t need a military occupation and operation, we can build our New Puerto Rico. We don’t need the federal government and Its white supremacist and imperialistic practices of economic extraction and exploitation of our peoples and resources. The people of Puerto Rico and the diaspora who are organizing for survival are the key to our future as an independent nation, free from capitalism and it’s current incarnation of disaster neoliberalism which is killing poor and working Caribbean folk.

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