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Hands Off Trans Kids

A quick response to the bullshit going on in Texas (and spreading). Hands of Trans Kids, Parents, and Families!

I made this poster quickly using pieces and parts of three other political graphics: John Heartfield’s The Hand Has 5 Fingers from Germany in 1928, Peg Dalton’s Free Castration on Demand from the UK in 1970s, and the type is from Gran Fury’s The Government Has Blood On Its Hands, 1988.

Creative Commons License

Hands Off Trans Kids by Josh MacPhee are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For IG, please credit @jmacphee


A large orange hand, with open palm and fingers extended, is getting cut off at the wrist by a smaller blue hand which holds long, sharp scissors. Blue, scratchy, bold text above states: “HANDS OFF TRANS KIDS”

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