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Hear Me Roar

The song is a call to arms for those of us struggling to live within this system of gender inequality. Currently white, cis-gender men are given domination in the mainstream discourse and for decades have been creating legislation which prevents women, trans, queer, and non-gender conforming folks from having reproductive and gender justice within this system. The central character in this image is a woman and if you take a close look, her Adam’s apple is visible. Sisterhood is transcendent and is not limited to gender identity, sexuality, or any other social construct.
This print is from This Is An Emergency! a 2012 portfolio organized by Meredith Stern about reproductive rights and gender justice.


Not Here, but Now

Not Here, but Now

November 13, 2008

Not Here, but Now Noel Douglas (2007) recently commented “When the demands of Neoliberalism play havoc with our lives, it is time to fight back, and designers wield the sharpest…