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Imagine No Borders

This is the design I created for the Justseeds/Culture Strike portfolio Migration Now!. I wanted to illustrate the text from B. Traven’s book The Death Ship:

To be hungry is human. To have papers or not to have papers is inhuman. It is against nature’s laws…The state cannot make use of human beings. It would cease to exist. Human beings only make trouble. Men cut out of cardboard do not make trouble.

It is a story of a wayward American sailor dealing with the bureaucracy of newly formed European nation-states. His existence is frequently questioned solely based on the absence of a passport.
We are citizens of this planet and government documents are consistently used to prevent the ability of our movements on our home. I dream of a world without these boundaries and institutions.



November 19, 2014

Last week I posted this to my instagram, made sense to share it here: I spent the day harvesting in the field but constantly thinking about the students and families…