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Immigration Detention Is Deadly (2019)

Madhuri Shukla

Immigration detention is deadly.
Since 2003, 190 people have died in immigrant detention. This poster illustrates the unprecedented increase in deaths in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in the last three years (2016-2019). Featured in this image are the names of two children who died last December while detained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), though CBP is not legally required to report the names of those who perish in their custody. The loss of life inside these cages is pervasive in a system that neglects, abuses, isolates and tortures those it swallows up.

*Eighteen Month old Mariee died soon after being released from ICE custody
28 Women Have Miscarried in ICE Custody in fiscal years 2017 – 2018
1 woman has given birth to a stillborn baby in ICE Custody

Data provided by the Detention Watch Network (DWN)

Art by Madhuri Shukla


A gray background features Dozens of names are written in white among a chain-link fence. A Brown arm hangs down, with the broken wings of a Monarch butterfly falling from their hand. Small text written below is same as quoted above.

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