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Land Day يوم الارض

March 30th, 2021 marks the 45th anniversary of Land Day, a protest held in Palestine each year to resist a land grab in 1976, 28 years after the Nakba or Catastrophe when Jewish settlers claimed the state of Israel.  Sending love to all who have lost someone to settler-colonial violence from Turtle Island to Palestine.  This graphic shares a design of the date palm النخلة tree from Beersheeba, in the southern desert.  Embroidery or Tatreez is not just a practice of symbolizing the land, it is the culture of remembering, of drawing the land on the body, of ingesting food, of dying thread, of marking location. When we practice our culture inheritances, we script the land on our bodies, we tell our stories and keep them alive.  May the southern Naqab desert thrive again, free from nuclear and toxic waste so we may hear the palm leaves rustling freely in the wind.

Image: Text reads يوم الارض Land Day ٢٠٢١/٣/٣٠ and “Culture Is Resistance”  

Image is of a hand sewing embroidered date palm symbols of blue, green, yellow and red into a cloth map of Palestine. The line work is simple and mostly in black. The image is outlined in yellow.  


by Sarah Farahat

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