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Mac Tíre

Cuin O'Gomain

This quote comes from a poem written by James Connolly, Irish union leader, socialist, and revolutionary. The Irish wolf was hunted to extinction by English colonizers, which lead to the devastation of the native ecosystem. The Ogham written on the wolf’s head reads “Mac Tíre” meaning “Wolf” in Irish. The literal translation is “Son of the land.”

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In the center of this black portrait-oriented poster is a yellow moon. Superimposed over the moon is the line drawing, in black and white, of a wolf’s head and shoulders. There are markings on its forehead which is Ogham – the early Medieval alphabet of the early Irish language. The white text above and below the wolf is written in a gaelic- or celtic-style font and states: “Our demands most moderate are; we only want the earth.”

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