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Make Minimum Impossible

Mandatory Minimum Sentences Make Justice Impossible! Or alternately – “Mandatory Justice Sentences,” or “Make Minimum Impossible.” Too many people are locked up in this country, period. SO many of those are imprisoned as a result of racist and unjust mandatory minimum laws that have impacted disenfranchised communities disproportionately. If we have to have a prison system, we should have one that is just, and where judges have the discretion to sentence as they see fit. But I’m not sure we need prisons – they’re warehouses for the poor, and they bring more problems than they supposedly put away. We can do better, and we will.


This graphic was commissioned by the Amplifier Foundation


A comic book style image of a judge’s gavel on fire, sprouting orange and yellow flames which create black and purple hued smoke. Below, text reads: “Mandatory Minimum Sentences Make Justice Impossible.”

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