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People’s Air Force

The conflict in Myanmar is taking place between a well-armed modern military and a diverse and often impromptu coalition of rebel forces, many of whom are fighting for the first time, with limited access to conventional weapons and military technologies. One technique that has proven very useful for the revolutionary forces is drones- small, cheap, compact and remotely controlled aerial devices that can drop small destructive payloads on the forces of the junta from a distance, and can then be flown home to reload and do it again. While visiting the town of Mae Sot on the Thai/Myanmar border, where a large community of people fleeing the conflict have gathered and where some forms of cross-border resupply and refurbishing are taking place, I designed this graphic to share with people doing this work. I was pleased to receive a few photos a few days later showing that the image was being used to sticker the battery packs and drivers of a new wave of crowdfunded aerial munitions headed back across the border. It’s not everyday you get to see your graphics put to this kind of use.


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