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Oil World

I made this graphic in 2013 when the CO2 ppm (parts per million) was 395. (The safest limit is 350ppm). In early 2006 it eclipsed 400 ppm and at the time of posting this (Nov. 2016) it is 403.64.
The climate crisis will shift to climate chaos if the global community does not rapidly shift to renewable energy sources and insist that the remaining fossil fuels stay in the ground.


An image of the Earth in orange tones, with North America, Central America, and part of South America on view. Around the globe, however, are the tall, pyramid-shapes of oil wells. From a distance, the world looks like an iconic image of the sun. Text above and below reads: “The most important decision we face. Destroy the planet or save it. Continue to burn fossil fuels or switch to solar and wind power.”

Art to End Fossil Fuels

Art to End Fossil Fuels

September 12, 2023

Justseeds friend David Solnit shared this project and video about a climate justice poster project that is timed with the September climate mobilizations and march planned for New York City…