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Signs of Hope

Know Hope- Addam Yekutieli

Images created by Know Hope/Addam Yekutieli.

“In support of the protests and resistance movements in our collective present…

I created these images for you to use to make signs, posters or anything else you’d like, in support of the current protests envisioning our new futures.

For those standing up in Israel- Let’s not let violence drag us into violence, as it defeats us all. We mustn’t let this discourage or distract us, eyes on the prize.

I left the plaque on the boat in the drawing empty, for you to fill in as you like, with the name of something that you are trying to save, what you are hopeful of or for.

Let’s re-imagine our reality- More love! Less fear!”



We've got the numbers


Break don't bend


All four images are included in this folder. Images may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. Credit to Know Hope

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