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Sink the Rich

A Whale Fall is what happens to the corpse of a whale when it dies and its body sinks into the long low depths of the ocean. Down there in the dark, under the crushing pressure of thousands of atmospheres, the strange (at least to us) creatures of the deep gather to disassemble the massive cadaver, creating huge temporary communities of dozens of different species, all feasting to excess on the impossible bounty that chanced to descend into their lonely corner of the void. We could be down there now, among them, watching them take apart different whales, waiting our turn to reclaim everything that is ours and theirs, together again, forever, where the light fails and all there is to do is eat.


A lone black top hat floats on the surface of a green ocean, while a trail of bubbles leads to the depths below. Text on the side in linocut-style bold typography states: “SINK THE RICH.”

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