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Support Starbucks Workers!

As of August, 2022, 14 Portland-area Starbucks stores have voted to unionize. This comes as the drive to organize the globe-straddling coffee chain has exploded across the US, bringing a backlash from corporate headquarters and the union-busting troll minions of billionaire CEO (and failed presidential candidate) Howard Schultz. The struggle, nonetheless, continues. I made this design for some stickers in support of Portland-area Starbucks organizing and solidarity efforts being coordinated by Portland DSA, and I’m uploading a free high-res version here if anyone else might want to use it. The original design has a QR code in the center of the image (seen below) which points to a linktree with information on the campaign and tips on how to get involved; that seemed to be the easiest way to get useful info encoded in the image. Please send pics to if you use the image!


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