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Solidarity with Palestine

As a Xicana I understand how settler colonialism plays out in the lives of Indigenous peoples all over the world. So my political solidarity is built on a common experience of displacement and is accompanied by a commitment to stand by the Palestinian people. This piece honors the many kinds of resistance to Israeli occupation by the Palestinians.


Five panels show different scenes. In one, a person wearing a keffiyeh holds a slingshot into the air. In the second, we read: “Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Solidaridad con el Pueblo Palestino,” and the equivalent text written in Arabic. In the other panels, an older woman with a headscarf, or hijab, holds up a megaphone; children hold up large keys around a chain; and young women shout and stand together.

Reflections of Healing

Reflections of Healing

September 28, 2014

Join me at the Oakland Museum of California for the public unveiling of Reflections of Healing, a large-scale art installation created by artist and educator Brett Cook with participation from…