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“Esta imagen fue hecha en apoyo a las movilizaciones sociales en Perú que luchan por condiciones de vida mejor para su población, más allá de dirigentes políticos en el poder, los pueblos de Latinoamérica levantan la voz desde abajo para exigir justicia social.”

(“This image was made in support of the public demonstrations in Peru that fight for better living conditions for their people, beyond political leaders in power, the people of Latin America raise their voices from below to demand social justice.”)

IG: @grabiel_grafica

A woman with a serious expression and open mouth raises her left fist into the air. She wears a traditional Andean black hat and a shawl around her shoulders. A strap crosses her chest. In her right hand is a tall stalk of a plant that looks like quinoa. At the base of the black and white image, which is made in a linocut style, is a cloud or smoke that is climbing up the plant stalk and covers the woman’s waist. A whirlpool-like shape is being created in the woman’s chest.

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