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What To Bring To A March To Stay Safer & What You Can Do After To Help You Heal

Sarah Farahat, What You Can Do After To Help You Heal, 2020

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Sarah Farahat


“What you should always bring to a march to keep you safe(r)”: A montage of spot illustrations showing a pair of arms holding hands, with words “a buddy” and “jail support # on your arm,” water bottle, headphones, money, a snack, a “Know Your Rights” booklet, eye protection goggles, medical face mask, and a bandana. Also a “JAIL SUPPORT FORM” and “leave this with a friend not going to the march.” Additional text states: “Increasing violence by the police and hate groups mean we need to take even better care of ourselves and our friends. Even a peaceful march can tun into a scary situation so get out into the streets but do some research, pack your kit, & be prepared!”

“What you can do after a march to help you heal:” A montage of spot illustrations showing two friends hugging each other , “Hugs are medicine,” and “connect with a friend,” headphones with music notes, and “jam out to some tunes dancing and singing help restore your body’s natural rhythms, bowl of noodles, ice cream, fruits, and “eat something that gives you joy,” and “unplug, take a little break from the news and social media.” There are also plants like lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, and roses, with varying descriptions. A bathtub also adorns the image, which states “Water is Life” and “take a warm bath or shower.” A foot on grass with “walk barefoot to ground your energy.” Additional text states: “The police and white supremacists keep escalating and we need to heal. Try doing some of these things to move some of the trauma inflicted on your body and spirit. Grounding when you get home from an action can help you stay resilient and better care for your community on this long road to collective liberation.”



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