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Guy Debord’s Digital ‘Game of War’

November 30, 2008


I am a gaming nerd!! Everyother Thursday, I get together with a group of like-minded geeks and we engage in German boardgames. Good times.
Over the weekend, while hanging out at my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn, I introduced my family to the world of Corcassonne. During the game, we spoke a bit about other rad board gaming fun. Two that came up were Class War, which I’ve only played once with my friend Andrew, and Guy Debord’s infamous board game, which I have never played.
For those that didn’t know, Debord has a De-board Game. In the late 1960s, Guy Debord (artist, activist, and member of the Situationist International) created a game called Kriegspiel or Game of War. It became available for sale in 1989, although sadly I’ve never played it. But now, I just downloaded a version for computer. I’m ready to rock!!
Download Kriegspiel for FREE
A bit of history and review of the actual game from the Bookforum, the literary counterpart to Artforum.


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One comment on “Guy Debord’s Digital ‘Game of War’”

Let me correct an erratum there, broseph. The name of the game is Class Struggle. It was developed by this kinda dinosaurish Marxist professor in NYU’s Politics department named Bertell Ollman.