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Hurricane Season! TODAY in RI!!!

September 30, 2009


Last night I saw the first performance of Hurricane Season (Alixa and Naima’s current performance) at Mixed Magic Theater in Pawtucket RI (6:45pm doors, sliding scale $12-$25). Tonight is one last showing in town! They are travelling around the country, so they may also be hitting your town soon! The performance is transformative and addresses the current state of affairs in the world today (including the unnatural disaster that followed from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; global climate change, the war in Iraq, and worldwide water shortages). It also has a fabulous participatory nature where everyone begins by pouring water from a small wooden bowl into a large bowl onstage that is used throughout the performance. It’s stunning. Emphasizes the power of love and community and togetherness, and the strength that exists within all of us to create the change we need to see around us. Also uses water as an amazing metaphor. They are also connecting local community groups in the performance to explain locally some tangible ways that people can get involved in the local community around them. Personal stories are woven throughout. You gotta go!!!


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