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Indestructible women trust their inner voice

January 28, 2011

I’ve been trying to simplify my life and that includes simplying my stuff… getting rid of things I do not need that create clutter, including files on my computer. As I sorted through my old art archives, I ran into this piece that I completed more than 5 years ago. This work represents an early stage of my character development (as in the people I draw), which has now evolved to a more confident line stroke.
In this drawing, I’m experimenting with my circular lines and triangular edges that intersect into each other. Two years later, I would do a piece titled De Avion en Avion, which would really take this curvacious, thick, bold line to a whole new level.
Here’s how my process went down for this one. I started with a drawing:


Then I hand-cut rubylith film and elaborated the characters. When I cut film, I get into a meditative state, and the characters begin to define themselves. I become their conduit.


Then I made my piece into a bold layer and began to manipulate it digitally. In the final step, I add color and text to the piece.

The piece represents three powerful women in different stages of their lives. The woman on the far left has not learned how to trust herself. She does not turn to herself for guidance. I depicted her looking away from her hands, as our hands are a place where we gain clarity. The woman in the middle is a dancer. She is balancing two dualities of her life. On one hand, she has the fire, the intensity of her life. On the other side, she has inner peace, represented by a circle. On the far right you have the wise woman. The woman who trusts her inner voice and looks to herself for direction. She looks into her hands, which emit energy, wisdom, and light.
To my sisters – you are Indestructible.
This piece was completed in 2005 and commissioned by the Women’s Building for International Women’s Day.


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