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Inspiring Music Series- Huggy Bear!

April 29, 2014

When I first heard the British band Huggy Bear, and their song lyric “This is the sound of the Revolution!” I really did feel like I was listening to the soundtrack to a gender revolution. My entrance into listening to this band was through their split LP with Bikini Kill, but once I heard them, I couldn’t get enough. They intersperse poetry, discordance, anger, whispering, punchy drums, and inspirational chanting into an epic, thrilling ride which remains unparalleled. Karen Hill, the drummer, has an incredibly dynamic, staccato rhythm, part marching band, part pop dance beat, and a bit of jazz. If you listen closely, some of their songs also have snaps to help with the rhythm. Such an incredibly inspirational and powerful band within the riot grrrl movment.
Check out their live performance where the stage erupts into a near youth riot!


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