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183: The Conflict Between Capital & Labor

July 7, 2014

This week I present to you this “Fair, Candid, and Impartial Treatment of the Subject [of the conflict between Capital and Labor] from a Non-partisan and Christian Standpoint”!! E.T. Russell’s 1905 The Conflict between Capital and Labor may be kooky, but sure has a great cover. The visual field is split into four boxes, the top one containing the title, the side panels representing industry and urban life, the central panel containing the author’s name and concurrent torch of truth. Published just as the first Russian Revolution was unfolding, Russell tries to articulate why both big business and unions need to be checked, and how we all just need to get along.
This book is in amazing shape considering it’s over 100 years old, and the insides are just as ornate and attractive as the cover. Many small accents and visual highlights offset the text, as well as a series of full-page illustrations. The best I scanned for you (click the “Read the rest of entry” link below—an overwrought drawing of a riot scene in Chicago.



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