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28: Futurist Books, part II

October 18, 2010

Here’s part two of the Futurist books. Marinetti’s books in particular get more violent and aggressive in this period, with references to bombs, words exploding across the page, etc. There are also two books by Fortunato Depero, who became involved in Futurism around 1914, but became one of it’s most acclaimed adherents, developing stage sets, costumes, furniture, toys, and of course books in a Futurist style. The book oabove is one of my favorites: Fortunato Depero, Liriche radiofoniche [Radio opera] (Milano: Morreale, 1934). Titles are very roughly translated in the [brackets].

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Les mots en liberté futuristes [Words in futuristic freedom] (Milano: Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia, 1919).
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, 8 Anime in una bomba. Romanzo esplosivo [8 Anime in a bomb. Explosive novel] (Milano: Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia, 1919).

Armando Mazza, Firmamento [Firmament] (Milano: Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia, 1920).
Francesco Cangiullo, Poesia Pentagrammata [Poetry Pentagram] (Napoli: Gaspare Casella, 1923).

Nelson Morpurgo, Il fuoco delle piramidi. Liriche e parole in libertà [The focus of the pyramids. Lyrics and words in freedom] (Milano: Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia, 1923).
Oswaldo Bot, Autoritratto futurista [Futurist Portrait] (Piacenza: Rebecchi, 1929).

Franco Casavola, Avviamento allla Pazzzzia [Starting at the Madness] (Milano: Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia, 1924).
Fortunato Depero, Deporo Futurista [Deporo Futurist] (Milano: Dinamo Azari, 1927).

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti & Tullio D’Albisola, Parole in libertà futuriste. Olfattive, tattili, termiche [Futurist free worlds. Olfactory, tactile, thermal] (Roma: Edizioni futuriste di Poesia, 1932).
Bruno Munari & Tullio D’Albisola, L’anguria lirica. Lungo poema passionale [The watermelon opera. Long passionate poem] (Roma: Edizioni futuriste di Poesia, 1934).
These last two books have this fascinating tubular metal binding I’d love to see in person…

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