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Justseeds Summer 2022 Playlist

July 29, 2022

Music has always been important to us over here (there? everywhere?) at Justseeds. Many members are in or have spent considerable time with bands and other musical projects, others have used music as fuel and inspiration. Last summer, inspired by the Trust Your Struggle collective’s summer playlist, I asked Justseeds members what they were listening to, and we pulled together an amazing and varied collection of music for our Summer 2021 Playlist.

Last year most folks sent me albums they were into, but this year most people have sent songs, so I’m going to do this in 2 parts. Today I’m posting a playlist of songs, and next week I’ll post longer playlists by a half dozen members! Unfortunately because of the insanity of proprietary software and toxic rights management, there is no easy way to put together an actual playlist that anyone could just click and play, so instead I’ve provided links to the songs, Bandcamp or the band’s site when possible, otherwise on Youtube.

Quitapenas: “La Educación” (2019) [Saiyare]
Jayohcee & Lee Reed: “Get the Fuck Off the Yintah” (2021) [Zola]
billy woods: “The Doldrums” (2022) [Erik]
Kendrick Lamar: “N95” (2022) [Sarah]
Ikoqwe: “Bulubulu” (2021) [Josh]
La Doña: “Penas con Pan” (2022) [Fernando]

Flora Purim: “If You Will” (2022) [Chip]
Bonobo w/Jamila Woods: “Tides” (2022) [Sarah]
Brian Eno: “On Some Faraway Beach” (1974) [Kevin]
Omertà: “Au Commencement” (2022) [Erik]
Raw Artistic Soul w/Ursula Rucker: “The Light” (2007) [Chip]
Abronia: “Map of Dawn” (2022) [Pete]
Southern Death Cult: “All Glory”  (1983) [Zola]

Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler w/Rachel Aggs & Emily Retsis: “Break a Window” (2022) [Kevin]
Warumpi Band: “Blackfella/Whitefella” (1985) [Josh]
Viagra Boys: “Punk Rock Loser” (2022) [Roger]
Chrissy Zebby Tembo: “Trouble Maker” (1976) [Pete]
The Hand: “Positive Aspects of Failure” (2015) [Roger]
Control Machete: “Comprendes Mendes” (1997) [Sarah]   
Blackberri: “Eat the Rich” (1981) [Josh]
Las Cafeteras: “Montaña” (2022) [Fernando]
Xye: “Slow Motion” (2020) [Saiyare]

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