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Kenk: Stealing to Save the World

August 29, 2011

The Art Threat blog has a great review of what looks like an amazing comic book called “Kenk: A Graphic Portrait“. The subject of the book is a highly unscrupulous Slovenian expatriate in Toronto who ran a bike-shop notorious for the questionable provenance of its stock. An ardent environmentalist and erstwhile disciple of permaculture, Kenk was also an ex-policeman. He seems to be a weird synthesis of contradictory impulses and responses to consumer society: the refugee from a collapsed communism who arrives in the Land of Waste and builds himself a little empire from the cast-off and the un-secured. It sounds marvelously contradictory, morally and economically ambiguous, and sure to inflate the rage-pouches of the righteous! The art is also intriguing, based on post-Yugoslav-era punk-rock photocopy collage traditions; highly contrasted and filthy graphics that echo zine-culture and aesthetics.


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One comment on “Kenk: Stealing to Save the World”

I’m a big fan of comic books and this one got my attention. Where can I purchase one? Is this available online? Please let me know.

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