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NYC Indymedia needs new space

October 26, 2005

NYC Indymedia does invaluable work, especially on their free biweekly paper the Indypendent. Their website, paper, and space have all served as powerful and much-needed resources for activists in this city, especially in busy periods such as the build-up to the Iraq war and during the Republican National Convention. After several years in their current office, they’re being forced to look for a new space:

Help! NYC Indymedia is moving out of its longtime office at 34 E. 29th St. at the end of November and is looking for a new space.
We are seeking to either share a space with another movement organization or rent an 800-1,000 square ft. office (at below market rates), preferably in Lower Manhattan.
Keywords: News, Media, Alternatives, Local, Communication Rights,
NYC Indymedia has been one of the most consistently active chapters in the global Indymedia network over the past five years and has done amazing work. We currently put out a biweekly television show (“Blacked Out TV”) that airs locally and nationally and three newspapers (The Indypendent, El Independiente and IndyKids). Having a space to work out of is crucial to our long-term growth.
If you have any leads or suggestions to pass on, please email imc-nyc at or call 212-684-8112. Thanks for your support!

If anyone out there can help, it would be more than appreciated. Also, moving has tons of incidental expenses, so if you can spare it, donate to the NYC-IMC here.


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