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Papergirl-Brooklyn, Brooklyn Art Project

August 4, 2020

Papergirl-Brooklyn (PGBK) is seeking artist submissions for an art project. Here is information in their words:

“Papergirl- Brooklyn is about making art accessible, engaging in public spaces, and creating sustainable communities. This project is a Brooklyn Arts Fund 2020 grant recipient. Contributed artwork will be exhibited between ten public locations in different Brooklyn neighborhoods (digital files or photographs of the work will be printed onto large paper banners). The original art pieces will be rolled up and distributed for free and at random around Brooklyn. For some history on the roots of this project, read the NYTimes write up from 2010 or learn about the original concept from Papergirl Berlin.  Ways to submit artwork are via mailed package (#supportUSPS), print digital files to forgo shipping time and cost, or bring artwork to our contactless drop-off event in Bushwick. All info can be found HERE Our exhibition includes an audio program component (a site-specific episode for each location/ neighborhood) which explains the project and talks about the neighborhood from the perspective of local artists.  This presentation of art on public walls with audio (and then later receiving art) will give people a different interaction with art in their daily lives. We want to break down barriers between neighborhoods,  artists, and “non-artists,” gallery and street, to create new relationships and experiences.” 

They are also on instagram at @PapergirlBK


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