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Poster Installation at Sol Collective

February 19, 2010


This past week was super productive, i printed four posters and drove up to Sacramento for a poster installation. There are a few prints that we had designed for a trip out to Mexico a couple years ago, the posters had been used in poster installations in various cultural centers in Ecatepec.

These posters are a couple of our favorites and wanted to reprint to have them available for future poster installations and to all those people who always ask if we have those for sale.

I also had a chance to work on the third print for Favianna’s set of poster, this one is of Meastro Carlos Cortez, there is one more left to print next week.

The big project of the week was an poster installation at Sol Collective gallery in Sacramento. Miguel Bounce Perez invited us to participate in the exhibit and we were super excited to be involved. We did this installation on a 12×12 foot wall we constructed, this wall took about a day and a half to make. The collective wants to keep it and move it into their meeting room once the exhibit is done.



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