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Posters for the Port Shutdown

December 17, 2011


Last Monday, people in cities up and down the West Coast came out to try to shut down the ports. My friend Chris and I put together some posters for the event here in Portland, which had pretty great turnout and succeeded in actually shutting down several terminals at the port for the day, as well as Schnitzer Steel. The call to shut down the port in Portland was directed primarily at SSA Marine, an unscrupulous union-busting subsidiary of Goldman Sachs that operates the terminals here in PDX. Tendrils of solidarity were also extended to ILWU workers struggling at the nearby port of Longview. While the local ILWU leadership eschewed any notion of endorsement of the shutdown, rank-and-file workers showed up with pizza for the occupiers.

“Upsidedown Cargo” and “The System…” by Roger Peet, “Pawns Take King” by Chris Strickland, and “Bike Swarm” by Katherine Ball!


More images and info from the day here on the D12 liveblog page.


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