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Printing with Taring Padi

March 30, 2010

Here’s a little photo essay showing the printing process used by Indonesian print cooperative Taring Padi, including images from all stages of the process, from sketching to carving to printing. I had the chance to help print some copies of this massive block, which is the Taring Padi half of a project addressing issues related to natural gas exploitation on both sides of the Pacific: the three Portland Justseedsers (Pete, Icky and Roger) will be working on their half in the coming month. We’ll be working with local nonprofit Bark to promote exhibits and displays of the two prints in towns along the route of the proposed Palomar gas pipeline this summer. Enjoy the photos!

Sketching the initial design on MDF hardboard.

Collaborative carving!

The finished block.
Rolling up and smoothing canvas.
Inking with awesome homemade brayer.
Rolling the canvas onto the block.

More printing!

The reveal!

A rich harvest…

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12 comments on “Printing with Taring Padi”

Thanks for the photos Roger! Amazing. So is the board black to begin with, or do they ink it because it is easier to draw with chalk and then see the image when you cut it out??

The board is black for sketching in the design with coloured pencil. I found this interesting as it’s more or less the opposite of the printmaking technique that Pete and I use, and I think Icky as well, in that we create a black drawing on a white field and carve it out. TP does the reverse….

This is amazing. Really good art of printing. new style on the world of printing art. Thank you for the photos as well.

Thanks for this time line of pictures! I am headed to Yogjakarta in Sept./October and hope to meet members and see the process for myself. Thanks again for more inspiration.

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