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Process of “Mass Incarceration is a Labor Issue” Part 4

May 7, 2013

Over the last three weeks, I’ve posted 3 blogs around the creation of a print on our website called “Mass Incarceration is a Labor Issue.” Here is the last blog entry about this print.
After the first color is printed, it is hung to dry and I carve away more linoleum to prepare for a second printing for the final color. This is a reduction linoleum block print, so any area that I carve away will stay light brown, and any area I leave on the block will be printed with the final color.
The first color is to the right:

Here is the block after carving away the additional linoleum prior to the second printing.


And finally, here is the images of the print as it’s being printed:

And here is Santi teaching me how to print:

South End Press Hiring!

South End Press Hiring!

February 12, 2008

South End Press is currently seeking qualified applicants to join our small, majority women and majority people of color collective as Editor/Publisher/Financial Coordinator.