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Process of “Mass Incarceration is a Labor Issue” Part 4

May 7, 2013

Over the last three weeks, I’ve posted 3 blogs around the creation of a print on our website called “Mass Incarceration is a Labor Issue.” Here is the last blog entry about this print.
After the first color is printed, it is hung to dry and I carve away more linoleum to prepare for a second printing for the final color. This is a reduction linoleum block print, so any area that I carve away will stay light brown, and any area I leave on the block will be printed with the final color.
The first color is to the right:

Here is the block after carving away the additional linoleum prior to the second printing.


And finally, here is the images of the print as it’s being printed:

And here is Santi teaching me how to print:

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