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Abortion Access



A reproductive justice risograph print inspired by the iconic design of La Croix seltzer. I even located the actual fonts used on their original design, remixed to highlight how refreshing abortion access and bodily autonomy can be!

I printed a huge stack of these to give away at The Pittsburgh Left, a group show at SPACE Gallery in Pittsburgh, on view August 25 - October 23, 2022. Come check out the show and pick up a poster if you are in town! I am distributing them here as well so I can continue to print more and also raise funds for Western PA Fund for Choice, an abortion access fund that has been doing the work in PA since 1995.

25% of proceeds from these prints will go to WPA Fund for Choice.

Printed in florescent pink, yellow, red, and burgundy or black on my EZ-390, at Lavender Estero in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.

Choose from black or burgundy text.

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