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Call for Proposals: Post-Election Extravaganza

October 11, 2020

The Center for Artistic Activism’s Unstoppable Voters Project is funding creative projects that address the days after the election and accepting proposals (due Oct 15) that work toward some combination of at least two to three of the following aims:

  1. Lead with the values of democracy and the freedom of people to choose their leaders.
  2. Defend the election; support for election workers, patience with the vote counting process, and the time it takes to complete that process, tell the story of how the counting process really works.
  3. Help cultivate community, joy, patience, and a sense of unity to combat fear, uncertainty, violence.
  4. Show what a democracy and our country should be. Keep the conversation expansive, global, and hopeful on the future ahead, as opposed to countering nit-picky details about things like privacy sleeves and dates of ballot signatures. Lead with vision.
  1. Mobilize a massive response through creating participatory experiences with a low barrier to entry. For example, easily replicable, fun to do, can include children, include instructions, etc.
  2. Drain the power from confrontations attempting to stop ballot counting using humor to expose and nullify misinformation about the election process.
  3. Projects that are flexible, responsive, and can adapt to multiple scenarios and a shifting landscape.

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