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Bonus Marchers

Art Hazelwood


In 1932, World War I veterans came to Washington, DC to demand payment for the service bonds they had been issued. They became known as the Bonus Marchers. Their actions helped turn the country against the Hoover administration which treated them with brutal repression. General Douglas MacArthur led the last cavalry charge in US military history against the 43,000 Bonus Marchers camped out on the Anacostia Flats in DC. Finally, in 1936, the veterans were allowed to redeem their service bonds.

This CPH poster printed at the worker-owned and union-run Community Printers, Santa Cruz, CA.

This is #181 in the Celebrate People’s History Poster Series.

Art Hazelwood teaches printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he works on behalf of recently unionized adjunct faculty.

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