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Erik Ruin

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Erik Ruin is a Michigan-raised, Philadelphia-based printmaker, shadow puppeteer, paper-cut artist, etc. His work oscillates between the poles of apocalyptic anxieties and utopian yearnings, with an emphasis on empathy, transcendence and obsessive detail. He frequently works collaboratively with musicians, theater performers, other artists and activist campaigns. He is a founding member of Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, and co-author of the book Paths Toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism (w/ Cindy Milstein, PM Press, 2012), His performance work has been seen in festivals and living rooms across the US and Europe.


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January 11, 2010

I’ve been creating a mix of music & other auditory ephemera every day for the month of January 2010. They’re all posted here in downloadable form. This project is a…