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Born in Flames



We are born in flames!

Inspired by Red Krayola's song and Lizzie Borden's 1983 feminist sci-fi classic of the same name, this silkscreen print was made entirely by hand, from hand-cut rubylith and hand-drawn lettering, and was originally designed and printed during my residency with YTB Gallery in Toronto. This fresh new edition was lovingly pulled by hand at Lavender Estero in Pittsburgh.

This print harkens towards queer utopias and alternate realities, utopia as, José Munoz puts it, as "the not quite here," a horizon we are ever reaching towards and working towards in the here and now, in every safe(r) space that strives towards accessibility and leaves no one behind, in every fabulous femme and tender butch and everyone on the spectrum of gender and sexuality, room for everybody, every body. This print acknowledges our many forms of power and wisdom and magic in spite of the settler-colonial white supremacist capitalist heteronormative patriarchy that we have been born into. Flame on!


Choose from lavender, bright white, or cream-colored paper.



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