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Calling All Velvet Horns!



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I created this print shortly after moving to a new city called Toronto, when I didn’t yet have the networks formed to organize parties like I used to in Pittsburgh. I created this print as part of a project of articulating fantasy dance parties, in the hopes that this intentionality and energy can manifest in reality. This is about the power of talking about the reality we need as if it is already present, and how that intention can make it real, as in the examples of General Idea and Bruce Labruce and GB Jones’ J.D.s zine…

The theme is a continuation of Queering the Lodge, subverting the hypermasculinity and heteronormativity of hunting culture. The names of the DJ’s are lifted from actual hunting decals, and the background “RealMaple” print is from actual maple leaves. This is a variable edition, so no two backgrounds are exactly alike.

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