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Canyon Bombers



Only 2 left in stock

I made this print many years ago, one of my first prints, and my first attempt at going larger scale.  This was created in 2003 shortly after the US declared war on Iraq. We were protesting in the streets in massive numbers, to what felt like no avail. I think I was listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor and the Dirty 3 endlessly, hence the somber violinist, which was referenced from some found photo from a magazine, probably an old national geographic as I tended to do when I first started making prints.  This print was trying to grapple with what we could only imagine it must feel like to have planes dropping bombs on your homes. I'm pretty sure this made an appearance in one of the iterations of the Paper Politics shows that was really a catalyst in bringing the initial crew of Justseeds together to form this here cooperative. It definitely was used as the promotional poster for and was in the Portland version of Drawing Resistance touring political art show which was curated by Nicolas Lampert and Sue Simensky Bietila, which I helped host at Liberty Hall in PDX

There are only 3 prints of this available, I never really made an "official" edition, there may have been 7 printed in total on different papers, I've got 2 and I gave one or two away, the last 3 are available here. These are 2 color 2 block linoleum prints on Thai mulberry paper.

These are difficult to view on this format so here's some closer details:


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