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Celebrate People’s History: Iraq Veterans Against the War Broadsheet

Justseeds Collaboration


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Celebrate People’s History: Iraq Veterans Against the War—Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice is a portfolio project celebrating Iraq Veterans Against the War’s ten year history. IVAW was founded in July 2004 to give voice to the large number of active duty service members and veterans who were against the war, but were under various pressures to remain silent. Over the past ten years, IVAW members have spoken out and taken action to end the wars they served in and to transform the society that fostered those wars.

This broadsheet features contributions from IVAW members, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative members, along with allied veterans, artists and writers. It highlights key ideas, moments, projects, tactics, and individuals from IVAW history in order to uplift IVAW’s ongoing struggle, inspire others to take action, and preserve the movement’s history for future generations.

Table of Contents:


  • IVAW Timeline by John Carr
  • There is No Truth in Recruiting by Jesse Purcell
  • Winter Soldiers by Erik Ruin
  • In War, There are No Unwounded Soldiers—Right to Heal Initiative by Sanya Hyland
  • A Blossom for IVAW by G.Scott Raffield
  • We Support War Resisters by Aaron Hughes & Jesse Purcell
  • Every Bomb Dropped on Iraq Explodes Along the Gulf Coast by Ryan Griffis & Sarah Ross
  • Leading by Example by Siri Margerin
  • You Are Not Alone—VVAW Dewey Canyon III & IVAW NATO by Edger Gonzalez-Baeza
  • Combat Rations by Mark Pinto


  • Celebrating People’s History Through Prints & Posters by Josh MacPhee
  • On Courage: Ten Years of IVAW by Amadee Braxton

PS: These broadsides are great for wheat pasting!