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Celebrate Your Victories



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I wanted to design something with a message that could hang in a highly visible place in your domiciles and be a positive daily reminder. “Celebrate Your Victories” is a slogan that could apply to everything from social movement advancements, legislative reformation or to the fact you got through another day.

The text gave me a chance to reference one of the most incredible pieces of art I’ve experienced. I never had a particular interest in sculpture, but upon visiting the Louvre, I got to see the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Nike. I got butterflies in my stomach walking up the stairway to it. When I approached it closely, I realized how soft and detailed the folds in the fabric were. Though indoors, I felt the wind blowing the fabric against the belly of the figure. I was astonished that a manipulated piece of stone could elicit such a response.

This is the remaining edition from our Community Supported Art program in 2015. The background was created using a split-fountain printing technique, so each print has varying shades of blue and purple in the image.