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Dirt Tales vol 2: Soil Pollution and Remediation


Out of Stock

Out of stock

This zine about soil health, soil pollution, and remediation is part of Mary Tremonte's two year-long project with Grow Pittsburgh, as part of Pittsburgh's Office of Public Art's Environment, Health, and Public Art Initiative.  You can view a panel discussion with Mary and the other artists working on this initiative, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Aaron Henderson, and learn more about it here. Each artist collaborated with a local organization that addresses environmental pollution in our region to create temporary public artworks. These artworks address several distinct yet intersecting issues of environmental health: water pollution, air pollution, and lead toxicity in the soil.

This issue includes an interview with Kara Rubio of Women for a Healthy Environment, mud stencils, and more! The center spread is a poster about heavy metal contaminants and how to avoid them.

These zines are distributed for free in Pittsburgh, and if you purchase one through Justseeds, proceeds go towards Grow Pittsburgh's Master Composter program.

Printed in hunter green and florescent pink on my EZ-390 risograph in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA

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