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Eat Well. You Are Made of Food


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Out of stock

In the past seven years I have transformed the way I eat. I have not eaten fast food at all. I also try very hard to only eat clean, organic, hormonal free meats. I am more aware of where I buy my food and prefer to buy from local organic grocers, local butchers, food cooperatives, farmers' markets and from the gardens of my family and friends.

This piece is a homage to my favorite foods! After a few years of experimenting with cooking, I began to research the foods that gave me increased energy and awareness. I began mixing my smoothies with foods like Acai, Bee Pollen, Maca, and Spirulina. I also developed a strong love for my favorite vegetables like yams, kale, broccoli, and garlic. Many of these foods were an active part of my ancestors' diets. Quinoa was a staple of the Incas and Cacao a sacred plant to the Mayans, for example.

Note: This poster is a small version of a large screenprint and is tabloid-size.