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Evocando a Nuestros Hermanos

David Cuaute & Lesly Yobany Mendoza


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Evocando a nuestro hermanos, narra la importacia que tienen los animales para comprender nuestro papel junto con ellos, en la cosntruccion no solo de historias del pasado sino , el mundo que poco a poco se nos escurre de las manos el hombre existiengose juntos con sus hermanos los animales, el agua, el aire y la tierra.

Evoking our brothers, conveying the importance of animals to our understanding of our role relative to theirs. Not only in terms of the past, but also the present world that is little by little slipping through out fingers. People exist together alongside our brothers: the animals, the water, the air, and the earth.



May 9, 2022

There are a couple of these hand painted signs in the village just North of Bard College, illustrating a “safe” bike route to the campus a couple of miles away….