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This collaboration mixes Melanie’s drawing of a Xicana with a pattern Jesus pieced together from a Olmec stone stamp created about 3,000 years ago. This mix of ancient and new brings together printmakers across generations, the stamp pattern used was one of many that were created to print on fabric and paper.

Available in multiple colorways below, while they last!

Light Purple and Purple on acid free Cream paper, Light Purple and Purple on acid free Lavender paper


Pink and Dark Blue on acid free Yellow paper, Teal and Red on acid free Cream paper

Teal and Burgundy on acid free Brown paper,

Signal:06 Editors Round-Up

Signal:06 Editors Round-Up

February 19, 2018

Fresh from the printers is the sixth and latest issue of Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics & Culture. Signal is edited by Josh MacPhee and I and it…