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Finally Got the News! The Printed Legacy of the U.S. Radical Left, 1970–1979

Interference Archive & Brad Duncan

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Finally Got the News uncovers the hidden legacy of the radical Left of the 1970s, a decade when vibrant social movements challenged racism, imperialism, patriarchy and capitalism itself. It combines written contributions from movement participants with original printed materials—from pamphlets to posters, flyers to newspapers—to tell this politically rich and little-known story.

The dawn of the 1970s saw an absolute explosion of interest in revolutionary ideas and activism. Young people radicalized by the antiwar movement became anti-imperialists, veterans of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements increasingly identified with communism and Pan-Africanism, and women were organizing for autonomy and liberation. While these movements may have different roots, there was also an incredible overlapping and intermingling of activists and ideologies.

These diverse movements used printed materials as organizing tools in every political activity, creating a sprawling and remarkable array of printing styles, techniques, and formats. Through the lens of printed materials we can see the real nuts and bolts of revolutionary organizing in an era when thousands of young revolutionaries were attempting to put their beliefs into practice in workplaces and neighborhoods across the U.S.

With contributions from Kazembe Balagun, Dan Berger, Johanna Brenner, Stephanie Browner, Brad Duncan, Silvia Federici, Bill Fletcher, Emily K. Hobson, Interference Archive, Badili Ifadoyin Jones-Goodhope, Dan La Botz, Elly Leary, Akinyele Umoja, and Ethan Young.



“Finally Got the News gives documentation to the activity and perspective of the period. Much of what is exhibited here influenced activists like myself and gave us the inspiration to keep on pushing in the face of political repression and internal movement contradictions. It is imperative that contemporary activists study the work of their predecessors, our strengths and contributions, our errors and weaknesses. Hopefully lessons can be learned that will continue to inspire and enlighten new generations of freedom fighters. Finally Got the News allows us to ‘look back, so we can move forward.'” —Akinyele Umoja