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Frag a General



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This was one of my first screenprints, created during the saber-rattling leading up to the Iraq War in 2002-3. The call to “Support our Troops” was used, as always, to drum up support for a dubious imperialist agenda. Now that we are in another round of saber-rattling, this time with Syria and Russia, it seemed timely to reissue it.

During the Viet Nam War, combat refusals, sabotage, desertion, and fragging were among the ways in which US soldiers refused to participate in a war they did not believe in, and which they increasingly saw as suicidal. “Fragging” refers to a soldier killing his superior officer or NCO, often by rolling a fragmentation grenade into their tent. Between 600 and 2,000 US officers and NCOs in Viet Nam were killed by their own troops.

Someday I’ll make another poster on this theme, emphasizing other aspects of GI resistance: coffeehouses, underground media, and organizing.

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