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Give Graffiti the Thumbs Up

Daniel Tucker & Josh MacPhee

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This latest issue of Pound the Pavement is a look back on—and documentation of—the God Bless Graffiti Coalition project. The God Bless Graffiti Coalition was a short lived public art project conceptualized by Josh MacPhee and Daniel Tucker, and actualized by an international network of graffiti writers, street artists, and sympathizers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They Want our Home

They Want our Home

November 11, 2021

They want our home. Our home. For themselves. They think they have a right to our home simply because they have more money. We are fighting it. The buyers knew…

Gentrifier Grey

Gentrifier Grey

November 5, 2021

Living in San Francisco for close to thirty years, I am seeing more and more of steel grey painted over the houses of the city, slate grey, gentrifier grey. There’s…